[FREE] King of Legions - Alliance Battle!

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    Get ready for BATTLE and experience King of Legions - Alliance Battle now for FREE! Play the award-winning epic STRATEGY GAME and compete with MILLIONS of other enemy and friends!

    Play Alliance Battle now and discover league battle or epic enemy. Rule your Castle and build a mighty league. Protect your Communication , join a mighty ALLIANCE and arm yourself for attacks against countless rival enemy.

    Lead your heroes to victory in this land of magic and war! Take the lead by implementing your own strategy and be the King of the land!

    Embark an epic adventure of war through thousands of fighting combinations! Beware that each position is of utmost importance!

    Founding a country does not only depend on warfare - but also excellent strategies! Use your wisdom to strengthen your army and unite your alliance!

    The Goblins will become real powerful! Epic Orcs will make the adventure even more adventurous!

    You could of course lead a formation of Spiritual Knights and Wizardry Magicians, but beware of the construction vehicles’ striking distance!

    Keep in mind that your league alliance is your strong backup to resist powerful enemies!

    The battle is still on....is the real hero good or evil?

    Install the hit strategy game from SEVENGA LIMITED Studios on your Android smartphone or tablet now.
    Features of King of Legions - Alliance Battle
    ✔ Enjoy endless gaming fun for FREE
    ✔ Collect resources and get your ECONOMY rolling
    ✔ Form mighty ALLIANCES with other Friend and fight in epic battles against thousands of other enemy!
    ✔ Alliance Leader with thrilling challenges are waiting for you
    ✔ Plan STRATEGIC BATTLES with over 50 different units and loads of weapons waitting for your challenge
    ✔ Tackle and overcome exciting EVENTS
    ✔ Countless hours packed with suspense are in store for you - alone or with the COMMUNITY


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