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    Kick The Man - Action Platformer is the innovation of Crypto Wars game which was the hit in the Philippines in 2018. With this return, Kick The Man bring a familiar but new experience to players. Let’s see what it is!

    Game mechanics:

    • Control the character to defeat enemies and infamous bosses in each stage or the journey. When being attacked, the body parts of character will be disappeared one by one, from hands, legs to head. One part loses, one new combo attack comes.
    • Character skills can be updated by changing coins or buying via credit card.
    • Collect weapons while combatting and upgrade them in the store to increase their damage.
    • Secret Areas are the traps of the Lord. It might have balls and might not. Be careful of the fierce battles in there.
    • Choose different hats for the character to have a different power of the attack.

    • Using hands to punch, legs to kick and head to strike to enemies.
    • The combo of hands and legs, hands and head, legs and head, hands-legs-head.
    • High kick, soar, headbult, skywalk, instant transmission, serious kick devil leg, big bag attack, fire punch.
    • Weapons: shield, freeze, miner, rocket, matrix bomb, gun, hammer, disc.

    Bosses: Six bosses with a Lord. Each one is guarding in an area which the journey comes across.

    Balls: Player must collect enough 7 balls during the journey to win the game. Balls are hidden in the secret areas which are guarding by another dangerous army of the Lord.


    About Kick The Game story

    Kick The Man - Action Platformer started with the idea of a hero story. Dan - the richest man in the area - is known as the never-happy-man. He has never known who his father is. And no one in the area knows since his appearance in life is a big mystery. He has grown up by the love and kindness of citizen in the area. Therefore, even he is the richest man, he helps other a lot but not arrogant. Hence, when he decided to start the journey and find his father, everybody in the area tried to help him. The famous foreteller even sent her best disciple to be a buddy to Dan during his dangerous journey.

    Sun - Lord of the area - is revealed to be the one who is keeping Dan’s father in order to take advantage of his power to maintain the lord potency. The lord has an army of six infamous bosses, they are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat. Each of them takes the power for a day in a week to govern the area. In order to defeat the Lord Sun and save the father, Dan has to kill all those bosses first. How is this dangerous journey going? It depends on you! Do not forget to upgrade skills and weapons in Kick The Man so that it is easier for victory!

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