[Free IOS] Official App for SWNN (Star Wars News Net) by Timbojill, Inc.

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    This is my newest IOS app made with the xCode 7 that is now on the app store for Free. It is call SWNN (Star Wars News Net). It is the official app for the website starwarsnewsnet.com/ formally known as http://starwars7news.com/. With the app you can read all the latest Star Wars related news from the app. Just in time for the Force Awakens. Here is the App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-wars-news-net/id1060712671?ls=1&mt=8.

    IOS development is really tough. The native software (xcode) that apple gives to its developers to build apps and games for there IOS device is very limiting. I am hoping that the ad revenue from this will allow me to create two ideas I have for two cool innovative IOS games. I go by the name Timbojill. I have been an IOS developer for a few years. If you are a Star Wars fan this is the app for you. Get all your Star Wars news with this RSS Reader app. If you accept to receive Push Notifications you will get notified of any new Star Wars related news and events even if the app if closed. My email address if you need an RSS Reader type app like the TMZ/NY Times app contact me at timbojill@gmail.com. Here is some more information from SWNN (Star Wars News Net).

    About starwarsnewsnet.com:

    starwarsnewsnet.com was established on October 30, 2012. The date when Disney announced the acquisition of Lucasfilm and their desire to make more Star Wars movies and other Star Wars related projects.

    starwarsnewsnet.com is:

    1) A source of official news as released to the public by the Official Entities.
    2) A source of rumors that are culled from many sources to include other internet “fan” websites and online news sites.
    3) A source of speculation and conjecture based upon official news and rumors.

    ALL of the articles are written by fans of the franchise with the sole purposes of informing and entertaining other fans. We DO NOT work for Disney, Lucasfilm, Bad Robot or any of their affiliates. Occasionally, we are sent information from sources under the condition of anonymity, however, we always attempt to clarify where the information came from and to cite our sources whenever possible.

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