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  1. allaxegan

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    Jul 21, 2015
    New Launch Limited Time Free Download ! Super Addictive Flappy Games

    Funny Flappi is one of the best episode from the "Flappy Games" series. This is the advanced version of flappy games whereby you could choose up to 8 different flappy characters ! The funny birdies are far far away from its home and need to find a way back to their sweet home. Along the journey, they have to avoid many obstacles which make the flying such a difficult task.

    Your mission as player is to move up or down the birdies, helping to keep them away from obstacles, by touching the screen, and keep them alive to gain the points ! Save the birdies and become the hero for all

    Download from App Store: :

    Features :
    -Pre-loaded with 8 different birdies to choose
    -Pre-loaded with 8 different background/scene
    -Yo wonÂ’t feel bored playing this game as can interchange with 8 different birdies
    -Colourful and funny birdies characters, make the game play lot of fun
    -Beautiful and attractive interface design
    -Full game play, no In-App purchase
    -Absolutely free game with high quality graphics

    Grab the games today and save the birdies from extinction !!!

    Download from App Store:

    app developed by : iApps Technology
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    "Limited Time Free Download"?????

    The ads are atrocious for a paid app!!
  3. allaxegan

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    Jul 21, 2015

    This is a totally free app, not paid app

    There is ads but been placed in appropriate places in order not to disturb the game play


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