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    You are the hero ... Eat healthy food and avoid fast food and soft drinks

    You have to eat healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid harmful fast food such as donuts, burgers, soft drinks, sandwiches, sausages and others because they cause obesity and many diseases.


    I hope you rate the game


    To play the game: you have to touch the screen up and down to move the hero. Note that the hero automatically moves forward.

    Your score increases as you eat a lot of healthy food such as fresh vegetables and fruits.
    Harmful fast food represents obstacles, you have to avoid them as much as possible, a warning signal will appear to alert you before they appear.
    You have only 5 attempts, they decreases whenever collided with one of the obstacles. At the end of the attempts you will fall and the game ends.
    Try to score as much as possible and also try to travel the longest distance.

    There are also important elements for optimal health, "water" and "milk":
    When you get a glass of water: you will increase your appetite and get all the healthy food located for a short period.
    When you get a cup of milk: your speed will increase for a short period, and make you immune to harmful fast food (obstacles) during this time.

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