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    Download Link:

    Still playing, "2048" and "Just Get 10"? Then you're NOT fashion!
    A brand new number puzzle game is just coming out. It's easy to play. Also it's very addictive and brings more fun to you. You brain will be trained.
    No one can get "16" for now, you will be the first ONE. Just download and try it out.

    How to play:
    * Line: 1->2, get 3
    * Line: 2->3->4, get 5
    * ...
    Come and challenge 16 now! ((. (^_^).))

    * When stuck, try "Find Lucky" to rearrange all tiles.

    * Brand new/exclusive number puzzle game
    * Elegent UI design and colorful tiles
    * New way to operate

    Youtube video:


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