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  1. Whiz Worm is the modern remake of the old school mobile game Snake and sets a new standard by catapulting the game to 21th century touch devices. Travel through space, snack anomalies, evade asteroids and discover powerful items to push the boundaries of the universe and your highscore. Whiz Worm is for free and now available for iOS and Android devices. Are your Snake skills ready for revival?

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    Hunt down anomalies with the whiz worm to score. You can move up and down and to the sides. Avoid crashing with asteroids and the edges of outer space. Collect temporarily available bonus items to enter inverse universes or spawn mighty monsteroids to profit from them.

    ★ Experience enhanced snake gameplay with manual acceleration and bonus items
    ★ Collect more than 30 intergalactical achievements from 8-bit space
    ★ Choose from 3 cosmic controls to find your favorite play style
    ★ Time travel back to the 70s by enjoying our nostalgic 8-bit sound
    ★ Join the Whiz Masters leaderboard to rank up to the best whiz worms of the universe

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    A hungry whiz worm loves to have space anomalies for lunch! Unfortunately those have the undesirable side effect to make the whiz worm grow immeasurably. Therefore whiz worm has to pay attention not to collide with stormy asteroids or expand faster than the universe itself.

    Whiz Worm can be played for free. You can thank us for making this funny game by turning off the ads for a small fee! :)

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