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    Apr 20, 2014


    Smooth graphics, easy to play but IT gives you a sense of excitement.
    It is a simple picture but lively about the life cycle of a worm.
    You only have to move left, right and jump to make a right way to the flag.
    On the way there will be many traps for your worm .
    So you try your best to keep the worm safety.
    The traps are selected and arranged into a scene with increasing difficulty.
    Think simple and quick to help the worm survive.
    Highlights of the game : THE WORM will move around the outer edges of the square until you press the jump button.
    Be the best player that number of dead at least in this game.
    - Not just a simple game run , the worm contains many attractive elements to surprise players.
    - Control the worm quickly by swiping anywhere on screen to move.
    - 30 SCENES to play and many secrets to discover.
    - Addicting gameplay.
    - Many genres in one game.
    Play THE WORM and be the smartest player right now!
    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketgame.theworm

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