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    Sep 17, 2009

    "Supermagical looks great, sounds awesome and hits that sought-after
    balance of approachable gameplay and depth." (toucharcade)
    Love puzzlers, but tired of ho-hum graphics?
    Try Supermagical, a unique puzzle adventure with a rich world to
    explore, an award-winning soundtrack, and tons of powers, spells,
    pets, and mounts to unlock.
    At last, the award-winning, Game of the Week, Best of the Year iOS hit comes to Android devices! Enjoy!
    - Spectacular animations and amazing magical effects
    - Simple and accurate controls
    - Six powerful warlocks to command, each with spectacular powers
    - Mounts to ride in style; the Epic Dragon and the Great White Tiger
    - Four Ultramagic Spells to build from ingredients
    - Cute pets with nifty abilities
    - Mini-games with tons of loot to win
    - 3 unique continents to explore with over 70 different levels, with half of the first continent playable for free!
    - Colorblind mode

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