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    Apr 5, 2015
    I would like to present you our new game Seconds, a free arcade game available on Google Play Store:

    Seconds is an addictive game developed to challenge the player in counting time. It is amazing in killing time and it also improves your concentration and your ability to count time.

    How it works:

    Seconds currently has 4 game modes, but there are more coming soon. In these 4 game modes, there are 3 circles. Each circle displays a different number that represents the amount of time you have to hold down that specific circle. The numbers in the circle disappear rather quickly after they are shown, so you have to memorize them. If you hold the circle down for the right amount of time, you get a number of points equal to this amount of time times 100. Each mode has different difficulty – easy, medium, hard and extremely hard. The easy mode is very simple. There is only 1 circle that you have to hold up to 5 seconds. When you reach 1500 points, you complete the easy mode and continue to the medium mode. Here it gets a bit more complicated. Now there are 2 circles and you have to press and hold them in the right order (the one that goes blank first is the one you have to start with). You have to be more accurate and the amount of time you have to hold them is up to 10 seconds. When you reach 8000 points you move on to the hard mode. Here, there are 3 circles and you have to be even more accurate. When you start playing, you have 3 lives. If you miss 3 times, you lose. Your high score is displayed on your phone’s leader board.


    -beautiful design
    -friendly user interface
    -normal game mode (3 circles each with different time to hold - you have to memorize them)
    -4 different game modes
    -gameplay instructions
    -multiplayer leaderboard
    -adjustable background color
    -enjoyable music and sounds
    -adjustable player name
    -you can play where you left of last time



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