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    Everything you like about Harvestmoon and more coming to mobile android devices, with simple modern touch support and modern real time multiplayer game play!

    For casual gamer, get back in touch with nature and experience beautiful, peaceful, relaxing life of farming, fishing, and raising plus breeding dog, chicken, cow, and koi fish! Talk to town folks to buy supplies and sell produce. And of course, chase the 6 single beauties in town for their hand in marriage. Talk, give gifts, and complete their quests. Over 200 quests in total!

    For advance gamer, the game supports global chat, stealing harvests, upcoming online tournaments vs other players for weekly rankings and valuable rewards! Rewards that will really impress the girls and of course the necessary wedding ring!

    Story so far:
    The player is called back from the city where he was finishing his studies. He got the news that his mother is sick and his father is off to look for remedies. He needs to help kept his farm afloat until his mother is cured before returning to town... or will he stay...

    -CHASE and MARRY one of 6 Girls in town!
    -OVER 200 Quests plus two type of Daily quests!
    -GROW a variety of plants and fruits!
    -FISH the river for Koi and other fishes!
    -MINE the cave for Diamond girls fancy and other minerals!
    -COLLECT mushroom, coconut, flowers and more!
    -RAISE and feed Dog, Chikens, Cows, and Koi fishes!
    -BREED animals to improve their quality!
    -WIN online tourney with real players using your animals!
    -VISIT friends farm to check their progress n more!
    -CHALLENGE and STEAL other players harvests!
    -GLOBAL CHAT available!
    -GUILD and more in upcoming updates!
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