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    Pyramids Rush Solitaire Online - play and compete with other online pyramids solitaire players for top score!
    Pyramids Rush features realistic cards that are a pleasure to play with on your android device!
    To play Pyramids Rush, you just need to select an open card from any pyramid which is 1 point away (higher or lower) than the open upcard in the bottom left corner.
    The selected card from the pyramid would replace the open upcard, and new previously closed cards would open up.
    If there are no open cards on the pyramids that are 1 point away from the open upcard, you can use the deck to flip for the right card.
    You can also use the Joker card, in the bottom right, to match with any future card!
    You will continue playing until you clear the pyramids and get to the new level.
    As you clear every pyramid, you gradually build up a sphinx that becomes complete after all of the cards from two 52-card decks have been cleared.
    Pyramids Solitaire Online uses two standard 52-card decks and one Joker card.

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