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    Poker Rush Solitaire Online - play and compete with other online Poker Rush Solitaire players for top score!
    Poker Rush is an elegant and easy-to-learn game for your android phone or tablet.
    To create one of the high-value poker hands, you just mark one or more cards for discard, and select the ‘Draw’ button. You could discard and draw the cards, up to 3 times.
    If you are satisfied with the hand, or if you already had 3 attempts at draw and discard, you’d select the ‘Score’ button and the value of the hand will get added to your score.

    There are 2 decks to play. Each deck has 2 Joker cards. Each Joker cards will increase the value of the hand by counting towards the highest possible poker hand combination.
    You can continue playing until you go through 2 decks, or until you select ‘Finish’ button.

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