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    Feb 18, 2020
    After a year of development, my friend and I released our first, puzzle-based game on Android - Pocket Mazes

    The main gameplay focuses on building paths from one point to another, while following the restrictions set by obstacles on the levels. There's also secret collectibles hidden throughout. We wanted to keep the mechanics fairly simple for our first game since game design is waaay harder than we expected.

    It's been a lot of work, not only on the game development side, but learning about setting up an LLC, getting an operating agreement, trademarks, promotional materials, and all sorts of stuff you'd rather not be doing so you can keep developing your game. I'm glad a lot of that is just in the beginning, so now we have more time to devote to our next project.

    We really would appreciate any feedback. My biggest concerns are if the game is fun, if the tutorial is clear, and if the ads are too annoying. I think the banner ad and the optional, rewarded ads are probably fine, but don't know if the one that drops every 5 levels is excessive. Definitely interested in everyone's opinions.


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