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    Apr 23, 2015
    Hey Guys!

    Try the new game!

    Game of Kings is the long awaited sequel to the famous series of global strategic games.
    Choose the Order for which you will be fighting in the Combats. The War will break out in each province all over the world, and we must win! Build your Castles, train armies, send the scouts to the farthest corners of the World to find marvellous treasures. It is up to YOU, whether the path to the victory lies through the War or Peace!
    ✔ Develop your cities and rule the Empire
    ✔ Join the epic battle versus the nomads, conquer the province
    ✔ Fight against other rulers to expand your Kingdom
    ✔ Explore the distant lands searching the ancient artifacts
    ✔ Gain the mysterious keys and collect the energy
    ✔ Create the powerful Alliances with other rulers to control the world
    Conquer new cities and build YOUR Empire on the ruins of other kingdoms!


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