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    Google Play Store: Numbers Planet
    Apple App Store: Numbers Planet
    Amazon Appstore: Numbers Planet

    ★ 56 simple & challenging games and puzzles of numbers and math.
    ★ Universal: supports both phone & tablet devices (Android + iPhone + iPad + Amazon Kindle Fire) with consistent and comfortable UI.
    ★ All games can be played offline without internet.
    ★ All games are suitable for the whole family adults and kids.
    ★ All games have save button to save playing progress and resume it later.

    It is a great way to practice logic, math and deductive reasoning skills at the same time. You can enjoy all fun of number games, cool math games, logic puzzle games, brain teaser, and mind blowing in this free super numbers puzzle.

    The games can be grouped into 4 categories:

    Merge Numbers Games: you merge and join the same numbers into the next higher number:-
    Connect n Merge Numbers
    Connect n Merge Numbers 2048
    Swap n Merge Numbers
    Swap n Merge Numbers 2048
    Tap n Merge Numbers
    Tap n Merge Numbers 2048
    Drop n Merge Numbers | Columns Plus
    Drop n Merge Numbers | Columns 2048
    Rows and Columns: Merge Numbers
    Rows and Columns: Merge Numbers 2048
    Draw n Merge Numbers
    Draw n Merge Numbers 2048
    ★ Drag n Merge Numbers
    Merge Dominos
    2048 Match 3
    Tired of 2048? Try 33
    33 Match 3

    Clear Numbers Games: you remove the same numbers from the grid:-
    Connect n Clear Numbers
    Connect n Clear Numbers 2048
    Swap n Clear Numbers
    Swap n Clear Numbers 2048
    Tap n Clear Numbers
    Tap n Clear Numbers 2048
    Drop n Clear Numbers | Columns
    Drop n Clear Numbers | Columns 2048
    Rows and Columns: Clear Numbers
    Rows and Columns: Clear Numbers 2048
    Draw n Clear Numbers
    Draw n Clear Numbers 2048
    Drag n Clear Numbers

    Arithmetic Games: you do math calculations:-
    Math Addition
    Math Subtraction
    Math Multiplication
    Math Division
    Sudoku Octangles | Number Junctions: Addition
    Sudoku Octangles | Number Junctions: Multiplication
    1 + 2 = 3
    1 + 2 = 3 Duel
    Arithmetic Challenge
    Arithmetic Duel
    Dominos make 20
    Match Cards Difficult Level

    Logic Puzzle Games: you practice mental thinking, brain training and deductive reasoning skills:-
    XO/Tic Tac Toe
    XO Duel
    Sudoku Octangles | Number Junctions: Addition
    Sudoku Octangles | Number Junctions: Multiplication
    Numbers Battle
    Numbers Clock
    Sliding Numbers Puzzle
    Touch Numbers in Order
    Match Cards Easy Level
    Match Cards Medium Level
    Who jumps? 1 or 2
    Falling Blocks
    Color Arrow
    Classic Snake
    Chess Knight

    For match-3 games: You should match 3 or more same adjacent numbers in both horizontal and vertical directions only.

    The games are smart puzzles collection, smart number games, math games, math puzzles, numbers games, numbers puzzles, brain games and educational games.

    If you are left-handed: you can change the position of the buttons to the left of the screen from the settings page.

    More games will be added to the planet in the near future.

    Feel free to tell us your feedback, ideas, suggestions, requests, bugs and rate our numbers game.

    Play, enjoy and have fun !

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