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    Oct 11, 2018
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    :D Hi everybody, we are thrilled to announce Meteor Pinball is just released at Google Play! :D

    You're in an Earth orbit trying to save our beautiful planet from hostile space objects! You're armed with a powerful gun and a pair of silly flippers...

    Trying to stop those objects is not your only concern, in the mean time you have to use your flippers to keep the green meteor ball in sight...

    This seems an impossible task, the speed of the meteors will increase as time goes by and that stupid meteor ball seems to speed up too...

    To be honest, there's no way to save planet Earth, Meteor Pinball is an endless (pinball) shooter and the best you can do, is to survive for a just a few minutes...

    We're sorry to tell you this, but planet Earth is doomed...

    Franco Palmieri, Yvonne Slagveld - AKA Fronne

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