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    Deep under the sea lies a whole new industry—young, ambitious mermaids have opened a one-of-a-kind café, and it’s the talk of the ocean! Help the mermaids run their underwater café in this adorable and challenging time management game!

    The café has become a huge hit, but the mermaids now face the daunting task to make sure that the hordes of eager customers are satisfied. Use your quick reflexes and shrewd time management skills to help the mermaids manage the café and earn income. Guide your customers quickly and efficiently to different food booths that serve Melon Cake, Sea Pollen Drink, and Honeycomb, to keep them from walking out dissatisfied.

    Recruit and train other entrepreneurial-minded mermaids, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as staff. Using your hard-earned money, upgrade your café’s equipment and food booths. Be sure to keep an eye out for VIPs, as they tend to pay more than regular customers.



    - Increasingly challenging gameplay
    - 9 different under the sea levels
    - 8 available mermaid staffs for hire, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
    - 6 food booths installed to take care of all your customers'orders
    - Complete achievements to acquire special rewards
    - Upgrade your staff and equipment to keep up with demand
    - Watch out for high-paying VIPs!



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