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    Join the mathematical battle as two superpowers in a clash of wars, striving for victory in the middle of a fierce snow storm! Nurture your wits and reflexes in this exciting Battleship-inspired game. In this arithmetic war, each player commands an army of fighters.

    Lead your army to victory by labeling correct and incorrect equations that appear on the screen. Remember that time does not wait for the weak! Choose the right answer as quickly as possible to destroy an enemy jet. Selecting the wrong answer will block your next move for a few seconds, so keep your calm and choose wisely, Commander. The first to shoot down all jets wins the war.

    - Complete with cool fighter jets!
    - Unique arithmetic focused gameplay
    - Hone arithmetic speed and accuracy
    - Includes various difficulty levels, suitable for players of all ages
    - Repair broken jets and send them back to the battlefield
    - Challenge your friend to a numbers battle with two-player mode
    - Get Premium Pack to unlock special power to help you win.



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