[FREE] [GAME] Mafia City: Gangster Clicker

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    Welcome to the mafia underworld! Become a mobster that people will recognize. You'll be known to every mafia cartel as the gangster tycoon. A tycoon builder of different businesses and running it in different cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Italy, Russia, Japan and more.

    Become a mafia tycoon manage your businesses and expand to different cities like be a gangster Las Vegas. Expand your mob empire and give your business a boost with specialized and skilled mob resource managers that will automate the workflow of your mob business. Take on the challenge and discover the best mafia tycoon strategy and earn as much cash as possible!

    Begin your quest for city domination by clicking Garbage Hauling business progress bar. Keep clicking until you can afford to pay more garbage trucks and garbage collectors. Now you've got the hang of it.

    Don't forget to become the best mafia builder by purchasing the needed upgrades, dominate the entire city and attract more padrinos to boost your idle profits and earn idle cash! The only way for a mobster to go is UP!


    BECOME a mafia capitalist tycoon and run the organization! Crack the mob code and make business investors drool over your idle cash!

    ‍AUTOMATE idle profits and get known as the most efficient godfather of the mafia underworld!

    DOMINATE the world by conquering more cities and clash with other mafia clans. Make more idle cash!


    Manage your own business and automate the workflow in your mafia business operation and get more idle cash
    Your mafia businesses will continue to run and will continue to earn idle cash even when you're offline from the game
    Invest your idle cash and boost your income through buying upgrades
    Hire best mafia pardino managers to operate your business operations
    Use your cash to improve and sell them your operation at a higher price! More Idle profit, yay!
    Open the game frequently and get freebies
    Manage up to 10 mafia businesses and work that idle brain of yours
    In-App purchase available


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