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    Whether you’re Irish or just Irish for a day, this brain-tickling math puzzle game will surely get you into the St. Patrick's Day groove! Solve number puzzles and collect gold for the Leprechaun. Test your mathematical chops as you quickly spot, swipe, and sum up numbers!
    You’ll have a whale of time with Leprechaun Gold Puzzle.

    - Swipe your finger across the numbered shamrocks to form a combo
    - The last shamrock in the combo has to equal the sum of the previous shamrocks to earn gold
    - If the sum is greater than 10, only the last digit counts

    The Leprechaun will give you two challenges:
    Practice Mode allows you to train your brain without a time limit, but with a limited number of moves. Each combo you swipe uses up a move, whether correct or not. Try to achieve the highest score possible!
    Challenge Mode pits you against time. This mode tests your wit and calculating speed as you play against the clock. Quickly swipe and sum up the numbers, and get as many hits as you can within the time limit!

    - Intuitive tap and swipe interface
    - 2 different game modes, 3 different levels each!
    - See your scores and reach the top of the leaderboards!



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