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    Do you want to cultivate your children's esthetic sense? If your children are still playing BarbieDolls, then you are out. Do you still miss the Barbie Dolls or the paper dolls you played before?Or you have so many beautiful clothes but feel insufficient and puzzled by your dressing style.
    Lady Dress Lite is not only for those fashion pursuers, but also for you. This portable barbie is your best choice for entertainment. Both you and your children will be addicted to it.
    Based on 《lady dress》 (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lady-dress/id364871881?mt=8) which has won a very good reputation, we add 4 kinds of backgrounds with different clothes that you can find your favorite cloth much easier. There are also 2 more female characters in it.
    Choose your favorite character, along with fashion music, change her hairstyles, eyebrows, ear rings, clothes, shoes, etc. and dress her up in the grown of your dreams.Then share it with your friends.
    Don’t hesitate, just start the game. Let's see who has the most beautiful character.

    || KEY FEATURES ||

    - severalfashionable background music
    - offer 5femalecharacters with different poses
    - clothes are divided into4 occasions
    - changeable hairstyles, eyes, clothes, shoes, handbags and etc.
    - save the screenshots
    - share with your friends by sending an email

    || MORE APPS ||

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    || CONTACT US ||

    Skype: eseedo
    Twitter: @eseedo
    Website: http://www.meet-future.com
    sina blog:http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1802910322
    sina twitter:http://t.sina.com.cn/1802910322
    163 blog: http://blog.163.com/meetfuture@126/
    QQ blog: http://t.qq.com/meetfuture


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