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    Jul 22, 2020
    Hello! Do you like dynamic music? What do you think about dynamic gameplay? What if you put it all together and add some cyberpunk-style roguelike elements? DOMINATOR.

    Version for Android:
    The game was made for jam in 2 days, but then I decided to finish the game as people liked the game.

    The game was inspired by the "BattleBots" show. The project is a mixture of arena and roguelike with the use of two guns and the ability to modify your car. Hardcore. Hardcore? Well, yes, after you lose, all progress will be reset and you need to go through again. The game offers to choose an ability, but keep in mind that without abilities, the points will be 15% more. At the moment, the game offers to choose one of three abilities.

    All you need is to go through 7 levels, where the final boss will be. And all this in one session

    You can download and support me in Google Play now
    Thanks everyone!

    I am a beginner developer)

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