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    Take on the most challenging running game of all! Test your limits in this fast-paced and dizzying running game! Avoid getting devoured by a sinister saber-toothed tiger by dashing, dodging, sliding, and gliding around obstacles while the camera spins around to throw you off your track!

    Tilt your device to steer left/right
    Swipe up to jump
    Swipe down to slide under obstacles
    Swipe left or right to make a turn (timing is important!)

    To make it more challenging and keep you on your toes, the game features a spinning camera, so timing your leaps, slides, and turns perfectly is essential. Don't fall prey to confusion! Escape the predator while dashing through treacherous yet spectacular landscapes!

    Steel yourself for the challenge of a lifetime!



    - A spinning camera view makes the game truly challenging!
    - Play as a cute and adorable mysterious bird-like creature!
    - Escape the wrath of a fearsome saber-toothed cat!
    - Collect coins to purchase power-ups!



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