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  1. Download it here Cats Rule the World

    Cats Rule the World is a free idle game where cats are like humans. They walk around alleys, cook in the kitchen, sleep and collect idle cash.

    Just like human, cats needs to grow and be able to rule the world without their canine enemies, the DOGS. No unruly canine dogs allowed, it's Cats Rule the World remember? The more cats grow and collect more cats to join then, neko atsume, you collect even more idle cash.

    Automate your workflow by cat managers or let's say, cat babysitters so everything will continue automatically.

    Your cat babysitters will continue to run the rooms, even when you are offline from the game! How cool is that? Improve and upgrade and your idle cash income increases!

    Manage your own room and automate the workflow in your lab and get more idle cash
    Your rooms will continue run, even when you're offline from the game
    Invest your idle cash and boost your income
    Hire cat babysitters to operate
    Use your gold to improve and sell them at a higher price! More Idle profit, yay!
    Open the game frequently and get free Gold
    Manage up to 10 rooms and work that idle brain of yours
    In-App purchase available
    You only need internet connection when you want to watch ads to double your income.

    Ready to be kitty collector! Get those fingers to work in this idle game.

    Got any suggestions or experiencing glitches? Feel free to send a message to [email protected] - We are always happy about our players' feedback! Let us know your genius strategy game only if you want to share it with us

    ❤️ Your Kuro Neko Games Team ❤️

    Download it here Cats Rule the World

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