[Free Game] Bouncy Laser - Brick Breaker

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    Dec 5, 2018

    Android Download : https://bit.ly/2PT5YCz

    Simple, Cool, and Addictive gameplay ever!

    Bounce off all lasers of the enemy to break up the constantly appearing enemies and bricks
    The laser is stronger as it bounces. Make your laser stronger!
    Perfectly modernized in retro style to new-tro style game.
    Get a high score and challenge the global number 1.

    [How to play]
    - Bounce the lasers that the enemy shoots.
    - The laser upgrades up to 5 levels, and will damage the bricks by their level.
    - If you kill enemies, they will drop various items to help the gameplay.
    - When a brick or enemy comes down to the bottom line, the game will be over.
    - Challenge to be a Global No1.

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    eng_ScreenShot&iOS&AOS_1080_01.png eng_ScreenShot&iOS&AOS_1080_03.png eng_ScreenShot&iOS&AOS_1080_04.png

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