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    The Strategy-Poker hybrid!

    Get ready for Battle Poker. Experience a game that rewards quick thinking and strategic moves. Easy to pick up and play, but a challenge to master.

    Battle Poker also delivers the wow factor with its stunning visuals, presenting a blizzard of diverse characters to battle through.

    Deep Battle System:

    On the chess-like board, place down your Poker hand in an attempt to defeat your opponent, the better the hand, the better the impact. The stakes are high!

    Equip yourself with game changing Special Cards and Items, and build and customize your “Ego”, a warrior Avatar armed with battle ready Special Skills, and a will of stone.

    Think fast and think well, time is against you in the heat of battle and you will need to know your hands as you compete against the clock as well as your foe.

    Single Player and Multiplayer Game Modes:

    Tackle the Single Player campaign, and see if you can conquer all of the difficulty modes. Get your feet wet with Beginner Mode, and work your way up to Expert.

    Battle other players in turn-based combat. Compete for the top ranks on the Leaderboards, all while unlocking Achievements and winning awards for your efforts.

    Download and play it now, FREE!



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