[FREE GAME][2.3.3+] Johnny Dash is released!

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    Name: Johnny Dash
    Platform: Android (2.3+)
    Genre: Endless Runner
    Download: Free on GooglePlay - goo.gl/qLOej9

    What is it about?
    Johnny Dash is a sneaky thief trying to ransack the local doughnut coffee shop, but little did he know that Officer Freeman, the most experienced and courageous agent of the Special Intervention Task Force (a.k.a the police) was waiting just outside the store, eating the first doughnut of his day.

    The game starts and Johnny must quickly escape the law by running trough the streets and evading several traps and obstacles. By tapping the screen, the player, will make Johnny jump and double jump. Highscores can be submitted to a GooglePlay leaderboard and players can compete with each other to see who's the best thief. There are 11 missions and each unlock different costumes for Johnny to wear and showcase how silly he looks while running.





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    Jan 13, 2015
    cool game! thanks for sharing :)
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    Glad you like it :)

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