[FREE GAME][2.2+] Leesin Fighter For League of Legends

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    - Game Description -
    This is a 100% free fangame for all users, and the only requirement is your fantastic technique.

    -How to play-
    ▶You can play total twelves stages.
    ▶Each stage has two modes; Normal and Extra
    ▶Much more powerful enemies emerge in Extra mode rather than Normal mode. Therefore, reinforcement and arming with items will be essentially needed.
    ▶Each stage has various champion boss leading the guard minions.
    ▶The boss makes use of various attacking patterns such as a close range attack as well as a long distance attack.
    ▶Beating off the boss, you will be rewarded with lots of coins.
    -With the acquired coins, improve various items, health, defensive power, attack damage, resilience and such things.
    ▶During a game, you will find a variety of useful items such as a bomb, potion, and coin. Look carefully!
    ▶How to use a bomb item? Pass it with your character, then the bomb will be lit and it will give damage to nearby enemies by automatically exploding after 5 seconds.
    ▶Being on standby in place, a certain amount of health will recover. Make good use of it!

    ▶It consists of twelve stages and each stage can be played in Normal and Extra mode.
    ▶Make your character the best by arming with various items.
    ▶It supports high quality design, fancy animation, and graphic.
    ▶There are eighteen various characters.
    ▶You can enjoy a game more excitingly, thanks to a variety of items such as a bomb, potion, or coin item during a game.
    ▶A 100% free game! No charge at all!
    ▶You can choose the language between Korean and English in the option menu.

    ▶You can get more information and go to the games Facebook. Hurry up!.

    ▶ The Rate and review basic manners required. Please by all means

    ★Google Play FREE Download★

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