Universal [FREE] FUZZY HOP - Relentless platforming at insane speeds

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    Hi all!
    I have recently released my new game

    Relentless Platforming at insane speeds!

    Here are the obligatory links:

    Android Version
    iOS Version
    Facebook Page

    The player controls a cute little bunny hopping from platform to platform, while the world beneath is flooding and the game speed constantly increases. There are several animals to give a hand, kangaroos the bunny can ride, turtles it can stomp to decrease game speed, elastic chickes that propel it higher and a friendly whale that rescues it from drowning in exchange for carrots.

    It's a vertical platformer with elements from:

    Rainbow Islands - legendary platformer of my youth, when the player was out of time the level beneath was flooding.
    Doodle Jump - every vertical platformer references the insanely popular DJ. Fuzzy Hop is at heart an infinite vertical platformer.
    Street Surfer - obscure C64 game of my youth. The speed of the game was constantly increasing and the music tempo was matching it.
    Temple Run - well, any infinite runner in which you feel constantly chased really.


    Have fun everyone, I hope you enjoy it! ;)

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