[FREE] Forty Nine Twos - A coloured puzzle game

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  1. seanimize

    seanimize New Member

    Jan 14, 2019
    Forty Nine Twos is a puzzle game available on the Google Play Store. No ads or in-app purchases!

    How to Play
    1. Complete coloured circles on the board by matching them with their selectors.
    2. Selectors are white circles towards the bottom of the board with a random colour inside.
    3. When you match a coloured circle with a selector, all shaking circles will lose a point, but all non-shaking circles in the way will gain a point.
    4. If a coloured circle reaches 10 points, it'll be game over.
    You can also use the built in tutorial to learn the basics of how to play Forty Nine Twos

    Here are some screenies:

    49419839_139980586887932_3874429408617955328_n.jpg 49822877_760875224284300_8712538088481488896_n.jpg 50210502_291619298213219_4864580534698770432_n.jpg

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