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    [​IMG] Food Defense - Bug Smasher

    One midnight you get awake and, finding by touch your way to the kitchen, you switch on the light and… Nap is away! Frightful scene stands before your eyes: hords of bugs are eating up everything smelling and tasting better than the stone. Without wasting a second you grab the hammer ready to hand and take the fight bravely! … ‘Cause you realize clearly: no bug must survive, there’ s no place for them in here! Be quick and smart! The only way you can save what is so dear to you!

    Food Defense - Bug Smasher - it is a crazy arcade game, providing you with a hammer to destroy hordes of insects (beetles, ants, cockroaches, flies, stag beetles, centipedes, bugs, etc.), which are so eager to take over your food. Diversity of previously unknown insects will make you wonder, but features of some kinds will make you think seriously. In addition you will be able to use lots of bonuses that will help in the difficult struggle with annoying horde.

    Tasks of the game:
    • Do not let the bugs carry away the food from the table as long as possible
    • Kill as many bugs as you can
    • Compete with other players and your friends
    • Collect crystals: you can purchase various bonuses in the game shop for them.

    All this is waiting for you! ;)

    AppStore: Food Defense - Bug Smasher

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