[FREE] Exocraft - Build & Battle Space Ship Fleets

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    Set on a dying alien world, Exocraft.io is a new kind of IO game that places you in command of your very own space ship mining fleet. Design custom spaceships, manage your crew members and command the elemental powers of your army of worker drones to defeat the ancient guardians that cover the alien landscape. Engage in action-packed battles and use your strategy (and a bit of luck) to conquer the richest deposits of resources throughout the ever-growing world. Or, team up with friends to test your skills in competitive gameplay modes as part of this dynamic open world full of danger and untold riches.

    The game also has iOS, Steam and web versions that have full cross play with this Android version. We are a small team of 3 devs and 1 artist who have spent 2+ years building this game. We'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve the game!

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