Universal Free EscapeEscape Hell House - Can You Escape?

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    Escape Hell House - Can You Escape?

    An escape game that takes you into a haunted house. The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.

    Can you escape this place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge?

    An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope you will love it!

    Escape Hell House - Can You Escape? features:

    * Awesome graphics and difficult puzzles
    * Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges
    * Eye-catching and scary gameplay
    * Ghosts and many more scary enemies!
    * Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await
    * Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master

    Are you ready? We’ll see it!. Good luck and have fun!

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