[FREE] "Epic Blowfish" *Frustrating Endless Runner*

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    So, the bird that flapped is all but dead. Please welcome, Epic Blowfish. Bringing you a new dose of pick-up-and-play frustration!

    "You're a blowfish. You've just escaped from a sushi restaurant. However, the sewers have been fitted with laser beams!

    You hold the power to change colour, when you swim.

    To get through a laser, you must match the colour of the laser when you pass through it.

    Sounds easy, right?

    Lets see how far you get..."

    Get the Game

    Search for "Epic Blowfish" in Google Play or visit the following link;




    *(2.0) Fixed some start-up bugs.


    "Awesome - Very difficult and addictive", "Quirky solid hard and frustrating but in a good way. Wow this is tough", "Frustratingly addictive!", "Simple but brilliant - The next Flappy Bird", "This is tricky. Can see me getting addicted real quick!"

    Coming Soon To iOS...

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