[FREE] Energee - The new Household Energy Calculator for android tablets!

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    Hey Touch Arcade community,

    I posted here a couple of months ago with the announcement that the alpha version for Energee was looking for testers. I am pleased to announce that we have officially released the 1.0 version to the public!
    You can find the app in the Play Store through this link:

    Energee is the free-to-play household energy calculator. It is the best way to figure out the impact your daily energy use has on the planet and your wallet.
    By using a simple drag-and-drop design Energee allows you to input all your lights, electronics, appliances, and transportation habits into the rooms of your own house. This information is then used to calculate the costs and pollution that arise from your energy use at and around you home. Having this knowledge in your fingertips can help you make more conscious decisions in your daily life to live a happier, more sustainable and cost effective life.
    The app is completely free : No in-app purchases, no log in. Just tell the app the state where you live so it can get can an approximate price for fuels and average energy mix for your state and start playing.
    Energee is meant for ages 6 and up.
    - Build your own house
    - Drag and drop lights, TVs, appliances, and travel information into your rooms
    - See how your energy use and emissions compare to other houses around the world
    - Review and edit your habits to see how much you can decrease your impact
    Download Energee and find out where you can improve today!

    We would love your downloads and even more your feedback!! Email us at emailpiinstitute@gmail.com if you have suggestions, concerns, bugs, or general questions.

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