[FREE] Earth Arena: A new genre of Strategy/MMO (Alpha)

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    Feb 6, 2016
    Hi everyone, My name is Adir and I work at Tacticsoft. We're building strategy games for more than a decade, and we're now releasing our new game, EARTH ARENA, in Alpha mode.

    Earth Arena is a futuristic strategy game, where humans have turned Earth into a giant coliseum where they fight for glory in tactical battles.

    Unlike most games on the store today, Earth Arena has some unique features:
    - Persistent, "always-on" world
    - Actual limited map, with distances
    - Focus on teamwork, diplomacy & strategy
    - No tapping to collect resources :)
    And more!

    We're still in Alpha (so no sound, and some of the graphics are still pending a visual upgrade), but it works and feels great already (in my humble opinion).

    We're looking for more testers to help us finalize all the last tweaks of the game, so feel free to join and share your thoughts and suggestions.

    The link will take you directly to Google Play's Tester page - so please note you need to be logged into your Google account.


    You can see a short instructional video here if you get stuck.
    And you can check out our website here.


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