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    This racing game has been on iOS for quite a while but I recently made the port to Android.





    Race in high powered V8 muscle cars from classic era to modern day. Highly realistic physics, car handling, graphics, sound and AI.

    Compete in career mode where you can experience a real racing career. Start off with a small amount of virtual credits and purchase a car to enter into organized series events. Win virtual credits from races that can be used to purchase more cars, pay for repairs and performance upgrades. Build your way up to compete in elite series events.

    Modify your car by purchasing upgrades for performance and see exactly how each type of upgrade specifically improves the power and torque of the engine on a dyno chart. Purchase upgraded transmissions for faster gear shifts. Purchase better tyres for increased grip and road handling. Purchase weight reduction for better handling. Purchase suspension setups that lower the car and improve the handling from a lower center of gravity.

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