[FREE] Doofly (IOS/June11) - 2D,Arcade,One More Time Game

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    We have always dreamed of flying. In our World you need wings to fly. But, hopefully, in doodle planet you can fly with tiny arms.Let's join doofly in this journey.It can fly but needs your help to avoid platforms, monsters, traps... And also you can collect coins, use power ups to fly higher.

    Facts :

    Name : Doofly

    Company/Developer : Gold'n / Yusuf Tamince

    Platforms : IOS (iPhone and iPad#, Google Play

    Category : Games

    Genre : Arcade-Family

    Release Date : June 11 (Global Launch)

    Website : www.playdoofly.com

    Presskit : www.playdoofly.com/presskit.html

    Youtube Gameplay Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvpe9d1LZXM

    Screenshots :






    For all Doofly screenshots and assets (also available on website) :



    "Doofly, doofly, doofly. I even call my mum doofly"

    "Once you get it, you cannot put it down"

    "The whole family trying to beat each others score on doofly"

    " On each level, there is something new to be discovered"


    Hold and drag to avoid platforms, monsters, traps and collect coins, power ups.


    - 37 unique levels till you unlock full game,
    - perfect sky theme,
    - 12 types of platforms,
    - jetpacks, propeller hats, balloons to fly higher
    - fan, spiral and bomb traps,
    - many monsters to discover through playing,
    - use gun to destroy monsters,
    - collect coins to get power ups,
    - get star for bonus round,
    - hand drawn, cartoon style graphics,
    - use coin doubler, magnet, head start,
    - get shield to be invincible,
    - get lucky bag to earn coins,
    - destroy monsters, earn coins,
    - level up to discover new advantures,
    - level up to score higher,
    - submit score to facebook and twitter,
    - compete against friends,
    - game center support,
    - incredibly fun, endless gameplay!

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