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    Go on, take your steps along the way in front of you. If you can, of course!

    “Dicast,” the magnificent heroes who control 'Luck' with mighty power!
    Fight against the Gods' play, and change the rule to your favor!

    …Hey, stop dreaming! You gotta make your way up to the Arena if you want to save the world or something.

    DICAST: Dash is the story of your first journey to become the glorious Dicast!
    Go on, take your steps along the way in front of you. If you can, of course!


    Once you get ahold of this, you may never want to quit playing!
    → Play more, and make more progress!

    Short, but INTENSE entertainment! Maximum amusement for minimum time spent, guaranteed!
    → The BEST game to play especially when you're taking a massive dump!

    Meet all kinds of heroes with your hardly earned gold!
    → Heroes who's set off for their journey to become the Dicast will be unveiled, one by one.

    [Rules & Controls]

    Why, it's simple as a walk in the park!
    Your hero will automatically run from the start, and you will be his/her supporter and help them go farther.

    Amazingly easy controls!
    Don't you go looking for buttons on your screen; tap wherever you desire!

    When the block lights up, tap once to change directions!
    When you're in mid-air, tap again to perform a double jump!


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