[FREE] Dead School

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    Apr 2, 2019

    In this pixel arcade shooter you must defend yourself from zombies, collect coins to buy upgrades and earn skills.

    You thought your first day at school was bad? Try going to a school for Zombies!
    If these teachers catch you they won't just put you in detention they will eat your brains!

    You will need to collect coins to upgrade your trusty slingshot.
    and don't forget to eat your apples maybe a crate or two can hold the undead back!

    If you collect enough points you may just learn a new skill or two
    use your talent points to unlock different skills
    such as the sports kit which will let you run faster or maybe you will learn how to cause a tantrum dealing damage after you jump!

    Maybe you will find the 3 keys or find out what that noise coming from the library upstairs is.
    Now run as fast as you can and watch out for the sports zombies!

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