[FREE]Color Race: An challenging, reation training mini-game

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    Oct 29, 2014

    Color Race is a simple and approachable, but not monotonous mini-game, with a special "Mixed Color Mode" to choose from.

    ► Simple design, you can quickly start your game
    ► Help you kick boredom, the most suitable mini game to kill time!
    ► You may play alone freely and have reaction training;
    ► Or invite your friends to participate in the exciting competition of speed
    ► Log-in with your Google+ account, you can submit your score to the score board, compare with other player
    ► You can also choose to start the mini game directly without log-in
    ► If you are not satisfied with the ordinary training muscle reaction game, turn on "Mixed Color Mode" can increase the difficulty and challenge level
    ► Achievements for players to challenge, just meet the requirements and you can receive the honors
    ► Do not need extra privileges authorized to protect users security and privacy

    You need to touch the corresponding color button, according to the color displayed on the screen (follow the order start from the bottom).
    See you can get how many points within 60 seconds!

    I hope you will enjoy playing this game : D
    If you are satisfied with this mini game, please give out a 5 star rating and share with your friends!
    Feel free to submit your opinions, I will definitely listen and make as much improvements as I can, so you can have a wonderful experience in playing this game.

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