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    Announcing my new app game Coconut Climber!


    You're roaming the island, minding your own business until a couple of bad chimps on top of the largest tree in the island whips a coconut right at your head! Fire rages in your eyes as you lunge to the tree and climb your way to the top to get even, dodging the coconuts thrown by the other chimps at the top!

    In this endless climber you use the accelerometer to move the chimp left & right and avoid the coconuts and collect falling bananas.

    STAY AWAY from the rotten bananas at all costs! Those bananas will sow you down, lose 2 of the bananas you collected, and misses your chance of getting a golden banana!

    Speaking of golden bananas, when you collect one, you become the "Raging Gorilla" and smash through all the coconuts heading your way!

    - Smooth day to night transitions
    - High resolution graphics/animations
    - In-app Purchases
    - Leaderboards

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    Update already coming soon

    Hope you guys enjoy my game. There's already an update with more content coming soon :)
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    Game Impressions

    Update 1.1 coming this week includes

    - Animation updates
    - Gorilla will earn you more meter points
    - Starter pack now includes removing ads
    - More challenging earlier in the game
    - Minor fixes

    - Added:
    "Aggressor!" power up
    "Hard Head" upgrade
    22 Achievements
    Pause button (tap screen to pause & resume gameplay)
    Facebook and Twitter buttons


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