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    You know that heart-warming feeling you get whenever a kitten is present? Cute and unpredictable, kittens can put a smile even on the grumpiest face. Lovable kittens have been around not only as the fluffy animals they are, but were also introduced as symbols of cuteness and fun. Pixel art is no stranger to kittens either, and what better way to combine fun and cuteness than a free 8bit game?


    With an oldschool arcade style game vibe, Climby Kitten provides endless moments of good clean fun.

    Easy to play, Climby Kitten provokes your fingers to collaborate in reaching your goal - go as far up the catpole as you can...and never look back. When your kitten hits a shelf, you slide down the cat pole to the beginning. What you need to do is keep on climbing, avoid the shelves, go past clocks and paintings, reaching and overcoming your score as you get better at playing the game.

    Tap your way up the catpole and avoid the shelves, balancing between the right side and the left side of the screen.

    There is no final destination in this game, you create your highest score and there’s no one to tell you this is the furthest you can go. Invite your friends to beat your highest score, if they can! Play it on your Ios, Android phone or tablet, whenever you feel like climbing up and this free arcade style game will have you dodging left and right as the cute kitten climbs up the neverending pole.

    Download - www.climbykitten.com

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