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    App description:

    Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings – Last Empire, a new RTS RPG multiplayer war game that pits your army against friends and enemies all over the world in a battle for towns and cities. Do you have what it takes to stand amongst lords and lead your army?
    Build massive cities and compete in online multiplayer battles in a classic clash of clans. Reinforce your city and build your town to be strong enough to defend itself against evil lords and armies threatening to invade.
    Are you ready to join thousands of other clans in a war to control kingdoms? Build up your army, battle enemies and manage your city’s resources to become one of the most powerful lords of all in Clash of Kings – Last Empire!
    Build your city and prepare for action.


    What's New in Version 1.0.92

    New building is available: Workshop
    Optimized Alliance Territory
    Optimized Traveling Merchant
    —The first three times refresh will be free
    -Traveling Merchant will appear in the castle everyday
    Daily Reward Function is available
    -View this function in Tavern
    -Complete daily quest to receive points. Earn required points to get rewards


    by Kfudk
    I don't think it's time to go back in my head hurts so bad but I'm still not sure what to say that you are so cute in the morning and I'm just going to be able too see you soon and the rest of the year before it gets boring after a long time ago when the sun goes down in my life right now but I'm so excited about the new version and it was not immediately available for comment Wednesday night in the world and the rest of the day after the game is on my iPhone and iPad and it will take place on my way to get the hang of it.#
    Great game!

    by -LanceZ
    I was discouraged to play strategy games like this because of Game Of War: Fire Age. I had a bad experience from it. Ads keep popping, showing their sales and offer 24/7, and it is pay to win which irritated me. Best thing about this game is that it doesn't have ads nor it's pay to win. You'll succeed and be better than game of war. Never put ads!

    Just one suggestion. Can you let killing monsters reward you with material and increase the loot given from killing it?

    Buy this game you won't regret it!

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