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  1. :pPlay free solitaire card game on Android , most classic solitaire game , Klondike or patience card game played by single player, with various solitaire game mode! Play free solitaire and enjoy solidity and patience.
    Solitaire game is the most popular solitaire card game from windows to android smart phone, play this classic solitaire game and enjoy your time. This solitaire card game is free to play, and you will have a lot of fun playing this game.
    Free Solitaire game sorting Features:
    ♣ Game control: tap & drag to move solitaire cards, double tap to retrieve to deck
    ♣ Solve card puzzle by place the card from King to Ace flush in 4 lines in tabletop
    ♣ Reorder the deck by suit & with alternate colors: red to black or black to red
    ♣ Retrieve cards to the left top in four suits: from Ace to King in Spades ♠ ,Hearts ♥, Diamonds ♦ and Clubs ♣ to finish the game .
    ♣ Classic scoring to win big
    ♣ Unlimited undo, free to play
    ♣ Auto complete to finish a solved card game free
    Please enjoy the classic free Solitaire card game.:eek:

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