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    Cannonball 3D

    A unique game. You will play as a cannonball in a 3D environment, in each level the goal will be to hit the diamond somehow, with the cannonball itself or with the objects surrounding it. Each level is a puzzle solved with mid air navigation and accuracy. Fun and addictive game that is not hard to control.
    In each level you'll simply shoot yourself at the beginning and from there you'll touch the screen to rotate towards the fingers direction.
    Once the cannonball collides with anything you'll have the timer running in the top left side of the screen, you will win the level if the diamond was collected / removed before the timer hits zero.
    *Note: you don't tilt the device or slide the screen to rotate in mid air, you simply touch the screen in that direction.
    The 3D environment is optimized so it'll run smoothly on most of the devices, the physics were optimized as well.
    As the game progresses you'll find more game mechanics and harder challenges to face.

    - Don't be afraid to review the game and report bugs, if any were found.
    we will be more than happy to fully support it.
    - The game was developed by GoMaD Team.
    - Music by: Guy Benami.



    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gomad.cb


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