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    In a magical world filled with sugar and rainbows, where candy people dance beneath the stars, and there’s no such thing as diabetes...enterprising sugar fairies have gathered together to open the one cafe to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth!

    Run a café of decadent confections and guilty pleasures in this super-sweet and adorable time management strategy game!

    Famished candy people from all over the Confection Continent rush to your café to grab their daily dose of sugar - and it's up to you and your fairies to fulfill their needs. Get your own sugar high as you put your speed, skill, and reflexes to the test while quickly and efficiently serving saccharine-laden treats like Peppermint Swirls, Choco Cones, and Candy Chews to your guests! Control the flow of customers and direct your dutiful staff to serve your customers. Hire and train a formidable team of sugar fairies to keep your patrons happy and make sure none of them walk out unsatisfied! Upgrade your equipment and make sure you’re always running at top efficiency!

    Play the sweetest game ever made, FOR FREE!



    - Increasingly challenging time management gameplay
    - Cute, colorful, SWEET graphics
    - Hire and train 8 adorable sugar fairies to help you keep up with demand!
    - Watch out for high-paying VIPs!
    - Download for FREE!



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