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    Free Live Bingo – New, Free and Exciting
    Play our free and new Bingo game realtime and live against other players and friends all over the world on iTunes using your iPhone or iPad. Whether it's on our laidback beach theme or on the adventurous high seas with pirates, challenge your friends in Bingo - Free Live Bingo and win win win!


    ★ Free to download and bonuses keep you playing forever for free
    ★ Visually stunning artwork and high fidelity audio
    ★ Many different Bingo themes, layouts and play styles to suit all players
    ★ Daily rewards keeps you playing Bingo for free
    ★ Play Bingo against other players live from all over the world
    ★ Want a boost? Get a little help from 6 different play boosters to get you to BINGO even faster
    ★ Each Bingo theme has over 10 different collectibles – try to be the first of your friends to collect them all
    ★ Play up to 8 Bingo cards simultaneously for 8x the excitement
    ★ Players in the top 3 of every Bingo round qualify for huge additional winnings
    ★ Facebook connect to share coins and gifts with your friends

    It's now on the App Store at the following link:

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