Android [Free][Beta] Cockpit - Infinite Runner

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    Cockpit is available on Google Play:

    Humans have been consuming chicken for millennials. By 2064, their appetites have grown as chickens near the verge of extinction. The last of their kind is on the run, and these days you need jetpacks to escape the galactic chopping block. Do you have what it takes to sit in the cockpit?

    How to Play: Dodge cars, trucks, trains, and other obstacles. Collect screws, metal, and special materials to build new jetpacks. Collect power-ups from different levels and use them to help you survive.

    Cockpit Features: 3D Endless Runner Three Different Level Themes Unlockables and Upgrades Power-Ups Gift Machine Collect Materials and Coins Cyberpunk / Pixel Art Style Groovy Music Indie Game

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